Weight Management for Pets

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight with our weight management program.

Your pet’s weight plays a major role in their long-term well-being. A lack of exercise, discipline and nutrition can cause your pet to become obese. If your pet is not the right size for their breed, this can lead to diseases and discomfort, like arthritis. It can be hard for pet owners to notice that their pet is gaining weight. However, our veterinarians are skilled experts and can tell right away during a veterinary exam. If you cannot feel your pet’s ribs easily or they are panting when they walk, these may be signs your pet is overweight. To know for sure, book an appointment by calling 250-591-4050.

What happens during a weight management consultation?

When you bring your pet in for their annual veterinary exam, we will do a thorough evaluation of their body. We will weigh them, feel their body for abnormalities or extra skin and share our findings with you on the spot. Our veterinarians know each breed’s ideal weight. If your pet is overweight or reaching obesity, we will recommend nutrition plans, exercises and disciplinary practices that will familiarize your pet with a new eating schedule and a life of less treats.

How can I help my pet lose weight at home?

The most important action you can take is promising yourself to be committed. Helping your pet lose weight is a lifestyle change for you and your pet’s human friends. Let your pet’s allies know that your pet is on a weight management plan, so they will know not to give your pet treats or food off schedule. Get your pet exercising more by engaging in their favourite physical activities. Be careful not to overwork them. Ensure you’re feeding your pet the portions you were instructed to give by our veterinarians. If you stick to the plan created for you, your pet’s progress will be effective and smooth.

When can we stop the weight management sessions?

We prefer to never say never but, in this case, never. Weight management is an ongoing process that helps us monitor your pet as they age. Just like humans, when pets get old their needs change. Sometimes they will develop conditions that make it difficult to eat or move. This will cause them to gain weight, which will only shorten their life. We will be weighing your pet at every veterinary exam to ensure they are always at their best.

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