Vaccines for Kittens & Cats

Vaccines, starting in the first few weeks, protect your cat against otherwise harmful diseases.

Vaccinations are a form of routine preventative medicines that we give to your cat. After your kitty’s first set of vaccinations, we administer booster shots to continue strengthening their immunity. These injections keep your cat’s immune system strong and protect them from diseases. Continuous vaccines allow us to provide the level of care that ensures your cat’s long-term health. To get them started on their vaccine journey contact us at 250-591-4050.

When is it safe to get my cat vaccinated?

Kittens should be vaccinated every 6 to 8 weeks until they are 4-months-old. If you happen to meet the cat of your dreams later in life, through adoption, purchase or a stray encounter, have them checked out with our veterinarians as soon as possible and we’ll provide the necessary vaccines. Usually when a cat is adopted, they’ve received vaccinations from the shelter and there are documents to prove this. However, if this isn’t the case or if there are certain vaccines missing, we’re happy to help.

Why does my cat need to be vaccinated if they don’t go outside?

Getting your cat vaccinated protects them from catching diseases. If your cat doesn’t explore the outdoors, they are still susceptible to fatal diseases and it is not worth the risk. It’s important to get your indoor cat vaccinated in case they interact with other animals in your home that do experience the outdoors. They can be exposed to outdoor pets during trips to the vet or if they need to board at a hospital following surgery.

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