Surgical Services

Ensuring the safety of your dog or cat during surgical procedures is our utmost priority.

One of the most major experiences in your pet’s life will likely be a surgery. It can be a daunting experience for pet owners and their furry friends but our veterinarians aim to make the process as simple as possible. Our hospital has an in-house laboratory where we quickly diagnose your pet and determine the best step forward. When the solution is surgery, we have a large surgical suite convenient for plenty of procedures. To learn more about the care we provide your pet during specific surgeries, call us at 250-591-4050.

What surgeries do you perform on pets?

We offer a full range of surgical services for your pet. We remove lumps, tumours and any abnormalities that may be disrupting your pet’s quality of life. We have performed ophthalmological procedures (related to the eye), including entropion surgery and bilateral eye enucleation. If your pet has bladder problems, such as stones, cysts or cancer we are equipped to perform a cystotomy, which removes the bladder or any deformities. Occasionally, we get the friendly support of a referral surgeon who will visit our hospital to do specialized orthopedic surgeries, like TPLO (knee surgery).

What happens after the surgery?

Post-operation, we will let your pet rest and provide pain medication when they’re ready to go home. We suggest preventing them from licking or scratching the surgical site. Some pet owners like to put their furry friends in clothes to block the site. It is effective and adorable. Our veterinarians will schedule an appointment to check on your pet following the operation. This is an opportunity for us to monitor their response to the treatment through radiographs or a typical wellness check.

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