Senior Care

Ensuring that your loyal companion is healthy and comfortable during their golden years.

As our pets get older it is possible for them to develop new medical conditions. Luckily, we know our furry clients well and can create specialized wellness plans to help them transition from plucky adult to wise senior. Taking care of a senior pet will mean changes to a pet owner’s life too. They will need extra loving and support at home. To find out how you can assist your pet in their golden years, call us at 250-591-4050.

What kind of changes will my dog experience?

Old age often leads to your pet’s immune system and body weakening. As a result, they may be more likely to catch diseases. They will also be susceptible to weight gain, arthritis, dementia and eye issues. Their dietary needs will change and we have nutritional plans that will give them the right proteins and minerals. We also supply (or provide referrals to) treatments that can reduce pain or medication that can make your pet’s life easier. Depending on the medical condition, we may perform surgeries to treat the cause of their discomfort.

What can I do to help my pet as they age?

The first thing you can do is schedule semi-annual or twice-per-year wellness checks with our veterinarians. Now that your pet is going through changes, we need to give them extra attention. These appointments allow us to detect early signs of diseases and determine their future needs. The next action you can take is keeping them active but respecting their new stamina. Sometimes our pets lose interest in exercising, which can cause them to gain weight. This is not good. Engage them in their favourite games and keep them on a healthy diet to give them a long and strong life.

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