Nutrition Counselling

Proper diet and nutrition are vital to improving your pet’s lifestyle.

To ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life, we like to pay special attention to their eating habits. Our nutritional consultations focus on their weight, allergies and food that is suitable to their dietary needs. Not every pet is the same and we shouldn’t feed them that way. To learn more about how you can give your pet the best nutritional care, book a consultation with us by calling 250-591-4050.

Why does my pet need nutritional counselling if they are not overweight?

Nutritional consultations are not just for weight loss. During consultations, our veterinarians advise pet owners on what the best food is for their pet, how to schedule meals and how to discourage overeating. These appointments are especially helpful for new pet owners who can learn what is harmful for their pet to consume. (There are more toxic foods out there than you can imagine!)

What happens during a pet consultation?

We use this opportunity to weigh your pet and assess whether they have allergies. We engage in a thorough conversation with pet owners in an attempt to learn more about their current eating habits and see if we can detect reactions to certain foods. From there we suggest a specialized dietary plan that provides your pet with proteins and minerals that strengthens their immune system. Afterwards we arrange to see your pet at a certain frequency to monitor their progress.

How often should I bring my pet in for nutritional counselling?

This depends on their dietary needs or concerns. If our veterinarians haven’t requested to see them, we suggest annual nutritional consultations and semi-annual for senior pets. When pets get older, their body and dietary needs change. They may require supplements to keep their immune system strong and reduce their vulnerability to infections.

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