Deworming Services for Pets

Routine treatment to flush out intestinal worms that are a threat to your loyal companion’s health.

Deworming is a medicinal way to protect your pet from contracting parasites or remove them if it’s too late. It’s an effective medicinal treatment that attacks worms in your pet’s body or insects on the outside. Getting your pet dewormed from a young age has their immune system combat infections. Book an appointment by calling us at 250-591-4050 to get started.

What age is best to get my pet dewormed?

Deworming is an ongoing process that lasts until kittens or puppies are approximately 3-months-old. They should be dewormed at about 2, 4, 6 and 8-weeks-old. Whether their mother is dewormed or not, pets can be born with worms and must be treated as soon as possible. Afterwards, pets can be dewormed to protect them from infestations in their environment or to remove worms from their system.

How does deworming work?

Deworming prevents and kills worms from ravaging your pet’s body. It’s a medication given to your pet orally through pills and liquid or through injection. You’ll know the medication is effective when you see dead worms in your pet’s feces. Handle these with care and dispose of them right away. Not all worms will be visible. Some of them break apart in your pet as the medication kicks in, like tapeworms and heartworms. During your pet’s deworming process, discourage exercise. Too much movement can cause their blood to flow and push heartworms into their blood vessels, which can cause blockage. If this happens, your pet may be susceptible to blood clots.

Where do I get deworming medication?

We can provide deworming medication and services! We will provide your pet with broad-spectrum deworming medication that targets all kinds of worms. However, there are over-the-counter medications that target specific intestinal worms, like roundworms and hookworms. Consult us before purchasing medication for your pet. We can direct you to the best options.

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