Dental Care

Regular teeth brushing is essential for maintaining your pet's oral health.

We know, for some pets, it can be a battle to brush their teeth. Our veterinarians have seen all kinds of resistance, so we know how to tame or persuade them into caring for their pearly whites. We can teach pet owners these tricks and assess their pet’s dental hygiene when they make an appointment. To learn more about the dental services we offer, call us at 250-591-4050.

What happens during a dentist appointment for pets?

Oral health care covers your pet’s teeth and gums. We like to examine the condition of their mouth for diseases, plaque and tartar. To fully inspect them we use diagnostic tools, like dental radiography, to see the root of their teeth. This will show us early signs of decay. Sometimes they will simply need a vigorous cleaning. However, if we spot problems that need immediate attention, we will prepare your pet for the appropriate procedure, including extractions, repairs or root canals.

How often should I be brushing my pet’s teeth?

Dogs and cats should have their teeth brushed at least three times a week. In between annual dental appointments allow for inspections, advice and thorough cleanings. You can also gift your pet with dental treats. They are abrasive and fun, allowing plaque to be rubbed off from their own excitement.

How will I know if something is wrong with my pet’s teeth?

Your pet may be experiencing dental pain if they are struggling to eat, chewing differently or are being randomly aggressive. They might also not like to be touched around their mouth and lose interest in playing. These behaviours indicate your pet is trying not to aggravate the source of their pain. Red or sore gums are also a sign that their oral hygiene is declining. Get their teeth checked out as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage.

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