Specialized care for pets, ensuring comprehensive heart care for your furry companions.

Your pet’s heart is what keeps everything flowing smoothly. Our job, as board certified veterinarians, is to find any abnormalities that may prevent their heart from functioning. Your pet could have genetic conditions that make them susceptible to certain heart diseases. Later in life, they may also acquire infections that lead to heart damage. This is why annual veterinary exams are very important. Through blood tests and non-invasive examinations, like X-rays and ultrasounds, we can detect the early signs of cardiological issues. To learn more about our cardiology services, book an appointment by calling 250-591-4050.

What else can we learn about our pet through cardiology?

Cardiology specializes in everything within your pet’s cardiovascular system. This means we can detect issues in your pet’s heart and blood vessels. Cardiology monitors the circulation of blood in your pet’s body, which allows us to track conditions in their lungs and chest cavity.

What kind of medical conditions do you look for?

To get a good look inside your pet we use different types of diagnostic tools. We search for fluid in your pet’s lungs through X-rays. If we want a clear image of the inside of their heart or fluid in their chest, we use a cardiac ultrasound. This can see inside the heart and let us know if there are any malfunctions, such as the valves not opening well or too much thickness. We check for irregular heart rates (arrhythmia) and loud heart beats (heart murmurs) using ECGs (electrocardiograms) and by listening with a stethoscope (auscultating), respectively. We can also determine if your pet has heartworms through blood tests.

How do I know if my pet is having heart problems?

It’s hard to tell if your pet has a heart problem. In many cases, symptoms aren’t obvious until the condition becomes severe. Possible signs are if your pet is experiencing difficulty sleeping/ breathing, rapid weight loss or dry coughs. Share your concerns when you call us and book an appointment at 250-591-4050.

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