Bloodwork Services

Bloodwork serves as a crucial diagnostic tool, providing valuable health insights into patients.

Blood tests are super helpful for diagnosing and monitoring your pet’s health. During annual veterinary exams, we will usually take blood and use the results to keep track of their health as they age. These reports show us the condition of their immune system, organs and more. To learn more about your pet’s blood tests, book an appointment by calling us at 250-591-4050.

What can you learn from a blood test?

Your pet’s blood gives us a peek into their future. When we learn the kind of bleeding disorders your pet has, we know how they’ll respond to surgeries, anesthesia and medication. At our in house laboratory, we can detect allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and the state of their organs. We will know if your pet is low in calcium, lacking protein or has elevated enzymes. These indicate different kinds of diseases, like liver, pancreatic and kidney disease. When blood work is coupled with other diagnostic tests, we can confirm and treat the issue accordingly. Besides giving us advanced knowledge, blood tests reveal existing pregnancies, blood clots and parasitic infections.

How do I prepare my pet for a blood test?

How your pet prepares for a blood test depends on the test itself but the following suggestions are quite universal:

  • Fasting for 6 to 12 hours in advance
  • Bring a comforting item to keep them calm
  • Keep your cat in a carrier and dog on a leash to discourage excitement or anxiety
  • Make sure they are properly hydrated
  • Minimize movement and exercise prior to appointment

Preparing well before a blood test ensures the results are as accurate as possible. To avoid repeat visits, try your best to plan ahead. You may even wait outside or in your car to keep your pet relaxed. If they’re too anxious we may need to reschedule but our veterinarians will first try to soothe them.

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